1 · Religion and Magic
11 · Christian religion
11H · saints
11H(...) · male saints (with NAME)
11H(CONSTANTINE) · the Roman emperor Constantine the Great; possible attributes: crown, sceptre, standard (labarum) with chi-rho monogram or cross
11H(CONSTANTINE)3 · personal devotion of St. Constantine
11H(CONSTANTINE)34 · the battle of the Milvian bridge (Saxa Rubra): St. Constantine on horseback confronts Maxentius; a cross appears in the sky with in fiery letters 'in hoc signo vinces' (the raised standards of the Roman soldiers carry a cross or the chi-rho monogram)
11H(CONSTANTINE)341 · the dream of St. Constantine the Great before the battle of the Milvian bridge: an angel appears with a cross and foretells his victory